Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New Version of the PK Tether is Out


What's New:-

Release version 0.4.5 PK_Tether – changes:

- added drive mode changing
- added white balance changing
- added flash mode and compensation changing
- added extended ISO detecting
- added zoom functionality
- added support for k-m/k2000 and maybe Samsung GX10
- reworked user interface
- fixed bugs

If you really need such a tethering software, which Pentax had dropped the support of the "Remote Assistant" software since the *ist Dx days, this one is for you. At least it will work with the K-x and the K-m, possibly with the K10D/GX-10 also.

Update (3-3): In the main page of the PK Tether, it is now told that it supports Pentax K-x, K-7, K-5, K-r, K20D, K10D and K200D.

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