Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Sony Full Frame CMOS Sensor - The "Super 35mm"

It is yet a rumour at this stage but it is very likely to be true and official announcement will come very soon.

Well, as it was previously observed, the E-mount is actually 135 full frame compatible!

The most important thing is that Sony now has a new 35mm "Super" CMOS sensor, which is specifically designed for Full HD video recording. And straight-forwardly, it should be able to take high quality still photos at the same time.

The good news and new hope to all those old Pentax K-mount users is that the new Sony FF sensor could possibly be used by Pentax in a coming Pentax FF model, but only if Pentax could get it and more so provided that Pentax is willing to make one!

Update (3-24): I have been mistaken, the "Super 35mm" is not 135 Full Frame format!

See the Sony brochure and we can see:-

I must have been dreaming for a Pentax FF for too loooong so that I could not see more about the facts! :-o ;-> Too bad.. :-(


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