Tuesday, March 08, 2011

K-5 Sensor "Stains" Developing Over Time II

Further to what our die-hard Pentaxian Mr. Mouse at the DPR forum reported last time, yet another K-5 user elsewhere has found the same, that is, the sensor "stains" on the K-5 sensor could actually develop and accumulate over time! See the following latest report, with a latest "UFO" image by his unit included:-

(in Chinese, Google Translation to English Here)

The user confirms that his K-5 *Did* Not have any problem before and there was only dusts seen. The UFO only appears more recently, after 4 months of light use, for taking about 5k photos, it is told.

Really really too bad.. Even not to mention that this is a really annoying issue, indeed the resale value of any K-5 is endangered, undoubtedly! >:-( Just like the Pentax SDM, it seems that the life-time of it is just too short and rather limited, before that the most feared and infamous issue would happen some days later, maybe just in the near future! :-o

Btw, I think Pentax' last official statement for that "this will be covered by the warranty" is just worthless and helpless. It is because this is a product defect without any doubt, could they escape from the warranty liability in the end anyway?? >:-{

For still being without any good explanation to the root cause of this problem from the Pentax side, I think no Pentaxian will have the full confidence to purchase a new K-5 without any worry and hesitation after all! Especially considering the numerous reports of the same (sensor "stains") case worldwide already and its re-occurrence (no matter for new replacement or old repaired units), this problem is yet awaiting the proper response from the Hoya Pentax!

Don't have high hope and expectation, though.. (despite that our expectation is actually very reasonable!) Has Hoya Pentax ever responded to the so infamous and well proven dead SDM cases and issue yet? EVEN after so many years of the same issue and so many complaints/loss of sales?? >:-[

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