Thursday, March 03, 2011

The National Geographic Photo Contest Online

A reader of mine has dropped in an email to me about the following competition:-

And her entry:-


She told me that she is solely a Pentax user and the photo was taken with an *ist DS camera. Below is the additional brief introduction about herself that she sent to me also, quoted:-

"Jamara Knight's photograph and an entire exhibit called Watoto Wanapiga Picha was displayed in galleries in North Carolina and Arizona. The exhibit highlights Jamara's trip to Tanzania where she volunteered with children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. She received a grant and collected used cameras to teach the children photography. The exhibit was a collection of images created by the children and some of Jamara's own images.

She's in second place as of a few minutes ago--voting ends March 10th. Please cast your vote TODAY and help fullfill Jamara's dream of working to better humanitarian issues."

I have quickly browsed through the finalist photos as well as many of the "Editior's Weekly Picks" (Direct links at the right hand side). I found most of the photos are great. If you really like any of them, I encourage you to vote. Do note that voting requires registration at the NG website of the contest. Whilst you can use your existing Google/Yahoo/Facebook etc. accounts to log-in (by passing your login data to the NG server - your consent will be sought), you will still be asked for additional private information before you could complete the registration.

It's always delighting to see some real world photos and support those great photographers. Act now, if you have the time and wish to do so! :-)

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