Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Stupid Censorship and Means of the PentaxForums (and the Dictatorship plus Hypocrisy Behind)

I can't remember how many Pentaxians at and members of the PentaxForums have been insulted whenever they posted any link of mine (of this Blog) no matter how on topicly the posters were making their discussions and why they made their reference(s). In fact, I believe that nobody has ever violated any forum rules that the PF has ever published but yet they still need to do it every time! You can see the two very recent examples below:-

[Poster's original reference to my article: The State of Pentax (by Q1 2011)]

[Poster's original reference to my article: Pentax K-5 / SAFOX IX+ Lower Light AF Accuracy Measurbated & Compared]

I don't know why Adam and his guys had hated me and at the same time being afraid of me so much. But I only knew that I only talk about that the PentaxForums is just a commercial site in principle for making money by promoting Pentax products / organising promotional campaigns with the Pentax Imaging etc. (and to advertise photo gear of other brands including Canon's and Nikon's as well) and to get as much revenues as possible. This is just the hard fact. Why not admitted it?

When people are doing something but they do not admit that they are doing so and do not want other people to talk about it, they are simply hypocrites.

The PF and their site admin also has the track records to delete posts, regardless of who posted those, that they believe that their boss will not and does not like it to appear on the internet and eventually will harm their interest, see this earlier example.

And, they are telling too many ugly obvious lies just because of they want to make more money. That's really sad and rather disgusting, see this very recent example.

Still being the largest Pentax Blog in World, my Blog is linked by every major Pentax forum in everywhere on Earth everyday and there is not a single other forum's admin is doing the same as what the PF has been doing, i.e., nobody else has ever deleted or blocked any and all of my Blog links, including the Dpreview, whom actually just tells the world that their site is simply a commercial one about photographic gear. Just so what for telling so? Another example I want to quote is about , as for all people who have it.

Last but not least, I think the PF owner and employees are just being so stupid in manually deleting all my links as quoted by others for that their poor intention and inferior morality behind and more so in the way they are executing their prosecutions. Why not just set up an auto blocking filter at their server, I just wonder? :-o This will surely save much of their unnecessary efforts. Say for example, Dpreview has been able to do that for long, e.g., blocking all other commercial sites' links to avoid free advertising, including the PFs' - which I think DPR is just doing the right thing afterall.


Dictatorship/Censorship Alert (Reminder) is Building a New "CanikonForums"!?

Don't Join Any Forum that Has Censorship and Heavy Filtering

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