Monday, September 14, 2009

How "Waterproof" those "Sealed" Pentax DSLRs Are?

Read the two stories of the same person below, for the K20D and K10D respectively (and both with a DA* lens), then you will know:-

The quick conclusion that we can draw is that the sealing of those "WR" Pentax DSLRs is not totally and completely water-proof, or not even weather-proof. And it is just nothing that can be compared to those truly water-proof professional workhorses of Canon and Nikon, which are used by all those outdoor photographers (say, photojournalists) in a variety of adverse conditions but their cameras (bodies and lenses) still works reliably to enable them to complete their jobs without any worry, concern and constraint imposed.

Update (10-6):

Here is an interesting video for showing how a K-7 is showered:-

But it is told that his camera was eventually damaged and the "demonstrator" was asking for advice! ;-D

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