Friday, October 08, 2010

When Our Video DSLRs Have High Fever.. :-o ;->

Last time, I talked about the official Sony advisory note about the overheating of their new A33/55 cameras in video recording mode, particularly the problem will be more dominant when the sensor-shifted IS (Image Stabilization) is activated. In this incidence, I have seen the conscience of Sony, despite it is a large company and enterprise like theirs. Especially consider that the A33/55 are just very new models of theirs, I think Sony have been much honest, responsible and brave enough to issue such an advisory note to the world! Bravo, Sony! You're my Hero!! (My Thumb Up~)

Well, on the contrary, did we see, could we see, have we seen, and shall we see any conscience by that holy Hoya company in our all that widely and still frequently reported and complained dead Pentax SDM cases of that so infamous and well-known SDM design and/or manufacturing issue? >:-[ Indeed, I still see victims who report that almost daily, but I've just almost given up to report those dead reports and cases at my Blog repeated any further! Yet, here is still one I have come across today (Google Translated). Um.., When Will They learn to admit problems before they could really have a chance to do better and succeed?! ..And most importantly, don't get all those affected customers and users pissed off! :-o)

Okay, let's look back at the "Sony Case". A guy in Taiwan has invented a new method that intended to help his camera to dissipate the heat when it is in high fever! :-o Here is his article:-
(in Traditional Chinese, machine-translated English Page Here)

N.B. If you want to see the illustration photos in the article, it is required each of the picture is clicked one by one so as to open them!

Now, I know that why the monitor of the A33/55 is made to be articulated, it is simply because Sony want the body to have better heat dissipation once the user enters into the video recording mode! ;-) And more so for the user to add in and swap fever pads whenever it is required!! ;-D Or, maybe later on, there are special "heat sinks for Sony" to be on sales at radio shacks or computer arcades very soon! Those heatsinks maybe with cooling fans on top, too! Lol.. Like this:-

Well, btw, where to get the power, then?! :-o ;->

Last but not least , do note that the author of the experiment has concluded that his method works effectively with in-body IS switched off only, with the video recording time doubled when With Vs Without, whilst with the AS (Anti-Shake, in Minolta term ;-)) turned on, the heat is just accumulated so quickly that even the fever pad cannot absorb all the heat as the heat transfer rate is just very high! It would be even still helpless when the fever pad is swapped one after the other after several minutes! :-|

P.S. I think my this post is just for fun and entertainment, as some of the folks who read here just always want entertainment everytime they read! ;-) The only exception is my comments about that annoying SDM issue, which undoubtedly I am much serious! Well, in fact, the real practical solution by now for the high-fever symptom is to buy a Sigma lens that supports in-lens OS (Optical Stabilization). Then, the problem is resolved, almost! Aren't that both Sigma and Sony could be called "Brand S". So, when a S lens matches with a S body, it is just an "original" set! ;-)

Update (10-11): Oh well, I've just discovered that there is just such a product for a DSLR cooler and fan!

Product link and page:-

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