Wednesday, July 13, 2011

K-5 and K-r Firmware 1.11 is Coming

See the following page, the new firmware name is posted but the download links haven't worked yet:-

A quick check on the Japanese Pentax firmware support page reveals no update of any yet, though:-

So, I believe that the new firmware is to come, but the change(s) is/are not known. Btw, by looking at the revision/version numbering, I bet it will not be a major change, maybe it is only the need of essential debug on the last version of the firmware 1.10, which was meant to support the new Pentax GPS device, the O-GPS1, merely.

Update (7-14): The Pentax pages now have the updates available and the (only) change is as follows (so my guess made above is correct):-

Changes to V1.11
  • Corrected method for obtain GPS data when developing RAW images that is contain GPS data on Version 1.10

    *If the collaboration model is updated with this software, original start-up screen is deleted and it is changed to standard start-up screen.

  • *If you have already updated to Version1.10, we are very sorry for this inconvenience. Please update to Version 1.11.


I don't really understand the first remark btw, do you?


K-r AF Accuracy Comparison: FW V1.10 Vs 1.01, under Yellow and White Light Sources

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