Thursday, July 21, 2011

Market Leaders of Digital Imaging/Electronic Gadgets for the First Half of 2011 in Japan

See the BCN report below, the sales results are for the first half of the calendar year 2011, in Japan:-
(in Japanese, via latest news article and brief summary at DC Watch today)

Full English translation of the report in pdf via Google can be read here.

So, here is what I've copied and pasted the English-translated full table of the Japanese No.1 market leaders of those:-

So, Canon takes almost all the crowns for traditional digital camera stuff including P&S DCs and DSLRs and Lenses, whilst Olympus is the market leader for the mirrorless (ILDCs). Sony is there for several things, but they are not solely camera related, i.e., these are either audio or video/visual related things. Besides, Sandisk is still the king of memory cards used for the digital cameras.

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