Monday, July 04, 2011

Three Methods to Make Your Own Mirrorless! (K-mount or Not)

Since the launch of the Q, many existing Pentaxians have been complaining. Really wanna a K-mount mirrorless? Just stop whining, do it yourself, act now! ;-p

Below are three possible methods..

1. Buy Other EVIL/ILDCs and Adapt!

The easiest way is to adapt lenses to an existing ILDC of other brands, which are all with much larger sensors than the Q's and one should have no more complaints!:-

My New APS-C K-mount ILDC!

My (m4/3) K-Mount EVIL is Here!

As you can see, it is just so easy! So, I just wish to say, what's all the fusses about? Lol.. :-D

Besides, with the same method, I just wish to urge for no more complaints about the lack and no hope for a K-mount Full Frame from Pentax also! Just DIY again! I did it almost 3 years ago! See:-

My K-mount 135 Full Frame DSLR!

All in all, when at this stage even if the Pentax brandname could be kept is uncertain, why still asking for a Pentax Full Frame DSLR (which is really unrealistic afterall!)?! :-o

2. Remove the Mirror of a LV Capable DSLR!

3. Hack a P&S DC!

See these examples:-
(in Traditional Chinese, DIY for Google translation if you need to do so!)

Oh, well.. I think I must have helped a lot of people this time! Lol.. ;-D

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