Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Measurbation Shootout of K-5 w/ DA55/1.4 Vs 60D w/ EF50/1.4

The measurbation starts from page two of the test report:-
(in Simplified Chinese, Google translated English page here)

The K-5 combo wins in resolution in general.. E.g.:-

..and seems to have better details and more favourable colour responses:-

Well, how come the colour of the cropped 60D image has become B&W btw? :-o

But then the 60D is tested to have lower ISO noise throughout the range:-

But yet, the K-5 images are having better clarity and retain more details.

Last but not least, the colour tendencies are checked with the Imatest:-

A quite nice test and comparison overall, but whether you're to agree with the results or not is up to you! As usual, I blog, you decide~

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