Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Using Digital Filters for Different Effects w/ the New NEX Firmware

Taiwan gadget site Mobile01 has given us this excellent quick demonstration video:-


I am impressed with the ease of use and the clear real-time display of the effects as well as the quick and direct adjustment of parameter for specific filters. IMO, as long as user-friendliness is concerned, it is designed to be yet better than what we Pentaxians can have with any of our Pentax DSLRs! So, who said that the NEX is very difficult to use afterall? :-)

P.S. The worst system camera for user-friendliness I have ever owned should belong to the Panasonic GF1, honestly speaking. Moreover, the system response of it is rather unsatisfactory, with noticeable long enough delay in taking pictures. In contrast, every NEX is working very fast and be truly responsive, indeed. Btw, how is the actual performance of the Q? Time will tell.


Manual Focusing in LiveView Mode Will Make Ever Easy and Accurate

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