Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Endless K-5 Issues.. :-o

Someone has done an experiment recently and found out the possible root cause of the K-5 mirror flopping issue:-

It is concluded that it is a design issue, i.e., problem may happen for freshly charged batteries with higher voltage. Do note that original batteries are used in the test.

Next, yet another K-5 user has reported that the e-dial of his K-5 has stopped working, just like some K-r users encountered before:-

And then, a new K-5 user has had his K-5 AF malfunctioned only in 5 days and his unit now behaves in an erratic way, see his recently recorded video:-

(Above: Shockwave Flash File; URL:

(in Simplified Chinese, Google machine translation to English here)

The serial number of his K-5 unit begins with 403, which is amongst quite a new batch of the production. But still.. The user has made such a joke himself, the 403 s/n is just an unlucky number from the beginning, as when you visit a web page, returning an error code of 403 is simply not a good thing, as it just means "Forbidden"! :-o

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