Monday, July 18, 2011

Large Size Pentax Q Sample Photos Plus Hands-on Movie Review Posted by Pentax Insider

(Above: First and Last Pictures - ISO 3200 with the Pentax Q)

First of all, view this Flickr gallery:-

Test samples in Large (but not Full) Size (in 3200 x 2400) preserved with Complete EXIF data are posted. Do note that those are real-world shots taken both indoor and outdoor and for various subjects including portraiture and scenery. But the undoubtedly more important thing for the pixel peepers is that the ISO speeds used ranged from 125 to 3200! :-o By inspecting those real-life samples, we can now have a much better idea about the IQ/PQ of the Q and how it should perform actually, e.g., with the standard 8.5mm "01" prime lens. And, will the small sensor with supposed to be better optics plus more intensive image processing do the magic? Go figure out yourself! :-D

It should be noted that the firmware version of the Pentax Q under test is in 0.30 as shown in the EXIF, that means that it is yet a beta firmware, with Pentax normal tradition of firmware numbering, i.e., production firmware version should be named as 1.00 and above.

Furthermore, there are some other interesting photos posted in which the objects in the photos are somehow special, including a never-seen-before Pentax Q with transparent outer shell as well as the never-mass-produced Pentax Full Frame DSLR prototype K-1. Go have a look and I'm sure that you, as a Pentaxian, will not be disappointed! Do note again that all photos were made with a Pentax Q!

Last but not least, the same author posted also a "movie (hands-on) review" of the Pentax Q. In which, we can see clearly about some of the operations of the Q, and more importantly, we can finally learn something about the system performance of the Q, for the first time, e.g., the AF speed and responsiveness and rate of continuous shooting:-


Enjoy! :-D

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