Saturday, August 21, 2010

My First Camera

The Canonet QL17 GIII is my first camera. After that, I acquired a Pentax SLR. The NEX is my most recently acquired camera (but it should not be the last, unless I die tomorrow! ;-)).

For these decades, each of my cameras took many photos for me. The photos contain many memories of my life and all my cameras are deeply associated with my memories. Of course, my memories are not photos only and I have indeed lost/got damaged quite some of my old films or even prints over years but my memories are still there. Anyway, photos can refresh the fading memories in a good way, as always.

Nowadays, sometimes I do find that we just take too many photos and the photos are just not as treasurable as what they did when they were rare. And yes, the Image Quality has tremendously been improved, but just to think it in another way: So What? :-o :-)


The World First / Pentax First: My (Obsolete) Pentax Collection

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