Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Pentax MX-1

The MX-1 is announced over the DPR, but the same news cannot yet be found at the Pentax Japanese homepage. It is not a DSLR, nor it is an ILDC. It is just a DC, or you may call it an advanced compact if you want.

For more details, please go read DPR's quick hands-on preview.

Btw, I don't like Pentax Ricoh to use the MX' name so causally just for a compact. I think at least they should create the new MX digital series, which should be lens interchangeable. Below is a picture of my "old" MX! ;-)

Source post: Latest Family Photos of My Pentax Gear! ;-D


New Sony 1/1.7" BSI CMOS Sesnor (12MP, 4K Video)

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