Monday, January 21, 2013

Luxury 50mm Lens Fight: EF 50/1.2L Vs CZ 50/1.4ZE on 5D3

(Modelling photos taken with my Pentax Q. Who said that such a tiny sensor doesn't give a "shallow" DoF? ;-p But it may still be not enough after all~)

Well, there is not much new Pentax gear that interested me for the time being and I have "nothing better to do" with my current Pentax gear. So, I decided to continue my measurbation dream to the Canonland. So, I did the following and here we go! ;-D

Test Conditions:-

1. Camera mounted on a sturdy tripod (a Gitzo model) and shutter was triggered via the original Canon remote cable switch;

2. Picture style was reset to Standard, with all parameters all left at factory defaults. Other image settings such as Auto Light Optimizer and High ISO NR etc. were set at their factory defaults. Btw, all test shots were made at ISO 100 anyway;

3. One-shot AF with 50/1.2L with Central AF point;

4. Manual focusing with Zeiss 50/1.4ZE with Central AF point according to the focus indication provided by the camera.

5. Click to enlarge to images which are resized to about 4,000 pixels in width by the Photobucket server;

6. Full-sized original images are available to download per their respective picture page, nevertheless.

Some Observations:-

1. At large apertures below f/2.8, the IQ of the 50L is better. Blur and ghost are yet obvious for both, although the 50L yet seems to have better control;

2. From f/2.8 and onwards, it seems that the Zeiss pictures are sharper and with a bit more details;

3. The colour renditions of the two lenses are somehow different. The Zeiss produces an unique taste of its own;

4. The images of Zeiss are more pop and more three dimensional, general speaking;

5. As for the bokeh, each to their own, I would say;

6. Surprisingly, the exposure is more consistent and accurate with the Zeiss than the original branded 50L when the lens is being stopped down from wide. Oh, really? :-o

After all, both lenses are really good enough. Of course the 50L is more expensive than the Zeiss 50 (it nearly double the price!) and that with the Zeiss 50 any Canon user loses the AF (of course). But the good thing is that the MF feel of the Zeiss is really nice - the focus throw is long enough and it is well damped and operation is super smooth.

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