Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Unbalanced Q - Part 2.5: Photo Samples

Here are some quick samples taken by the "560mm" lens Q-K combo that I posted for the last time:-

All the above photos were taken handheld, at ISO 320, lens set at f/4 using the aperture ring, which my DFA lens has one but not the latest version, with the in-body SR on (correct focal length input as 100mm at startup). I have done some minor retouch to the above photos, including light up the pictures a bit and to apply some sharpening.

This bird is a small one, more or less in the size of palm, which is very sensitive to human. So, this super-tele combo is a suitable gear to do the job. I don't know its name though. So, if you know, please tell me.

However, there are yet other ways of doing the same job, below is what I have got from my 5D3 body in 22MPs with just a 85mm portrait lens mounted on it, and then did some cropping (there is some room to do it, with the higher pixel count) and resizing/re-sharpening:-

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Okay, I think the IQ of the 5D3 pictures are yet far better. There are quite some obvious purple fringing on the Q pictures, in addition to the low image fidelity of them. I don't like the colour rendition and tone of neither cameras, nonetheless, the Q tone is too cool whilst the 5D3's too yellowish, under the bright sun.

Still, the Q is really funny to use. And how can I carry such a lightweight "560mm" lens and body so easily without such a small form factor of the sensor?! ;-D

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