Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First "Ricoh MX-1" Hands-on Report and Samples

By fengwei/frank (who is a die-hard Chinese Pentaxian located at Singapore):-

Quick samples and with particular crops are posted in thread via consecutive posts here and here. Do note that it is stated that the camera is a pre-production unit as provided, though.

Similar to the K-01 and the Pentax Q, I can see the tendency of magenta cast in quite some of the samples. As for the pictures, they are sharp enough as all of the previous posted samples by Frank no matter what Pentax camera models he was testing.

And, if you look into the EXIF, this camera is now called the "Ricoh MX-1" where in the "Make" field of the camera, it is just entered "Ricoh" but not "Pentax"!? :-o So, that's why and what I have entered into the title of my this Blog post and it is indeed NOT a typo! >:-(

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