Sunday, January 27, 2013

6D Vs 5D3 ISO Test, 100 to 12800, Outdoor Scene

(Modelling photos taken with my Pentax Q.)

So, measurbation party again! Click on the following album and measurbate endlessly picture by picture, one by one by your oneself! ;-D

Test Conditions:-

1. Camera mounted on a sturdy tripod (a giant Gitzo) and shutter was triggered via the original Canon remote cable switch;

2. Picture Style was reset to Standard, with all parameters all left at factory defaults. Other image settings such as Auto Light Optimizer and High ISO NR etc. were reset to their factory default values. Large Fine JPEGs were produced directly out of both cameras;

3. One-shot AF with 50/1.2L with Central AF point selected;

4. For ISO 100 to ISO 1600, the lens aperture was set at f/8, whilst from ISO 3200 to 12800, the lens was set to f/16 - This was particularly required with the 6D for its low maximum shutter speed of only 1/4000s;

5. Click to enlarge to images which are resized to about 4,000 pixels in width by the Photobucket server;

6. Full-sized original images are available to download per their respective picture page, nevertheless.

So, it's your take now! I won't give any observation of mine this time and will let you decide!~

Last Test:- 

Luxury 50mm Lens Fight: EF 50/1.2L Vs CZ 50/1.4ZE on 5D3

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