Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MX-1 Quick Hands-on and other Gear TidBits

Read what the Phoblographer found in the secret room of Pentax at the CES:-

Here were their first impressions and quick conclusion:-

"Overall, I walked away from the Pentax MX-1 a bit disappointed. When I saw the camera, I had hoped for more because of all the hype already surrounding it. But something about it just didn’t add up for me. Manual shooting was a bit cumbersome because of the cluttered back controls and the best experience I had with it was truthfully in program mode. But I feel like a camera like this should be much more capable than it is for the price point."

Next, the new "Pentax" DA18-270 was found to be made in China. Look:-

Via Pentax Forums.

So, this lens must be a Tamron (OEMed), as the Tamron factories are in China and Japan. In fact, there is no more Pentax lens production in neither China and Japan. Instead, they are all in Vietnam now.

This OEM thing reminds me of the MX-1 for being 80%+ alike of the Olympus XZ-2, which I suspect the MX-1 is again not a genuine Pentax product inside, but just something OEM made and then re-packaged stuff, ditto for the X-5.

And then, someone has made a 0.71X "wide" adaptor (with 4 lens elements) to convert Full Frame lenses to APS-C cropped, for the image circle of the sensors:-

But for the last time, I did the reverse! :-o


Are You Interested to Acquire the MX-1?

Pentax MX-1

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