Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Unbalanced Q - Part 2 (with a K-mount Lens)

(Above: Pentax Q with DFA 100/2.8)

The Q is so unbalanced, when a K-mount lens is mounted. The above is an 135 equivalent 560mm F2.8 Super Tele Macro lens which has a highest effective magnification of 5.6:1, i.e., in 5.6X! Wow, what a Super Fast Super Telephoto and Macro lenses two-in-one it is!

As for that hot-shoe mount Optical Viewfinder as shown also, it is a cheap Chinese made one with an equivalent 135 angle-of-view of 45mm in 100%. So, it matches very well with the 01 prime lens and is very useful under the bright sun. Btw, it costs me only $19 in total with shipping, which is only about 1/10th cost of the original brand model which is to be purchased locally but yet is very difficult to find. And more importantly, that OVF is much smaller in size, otherwise it will be somehow unbalanced and mismatched again! ;-p

Update (1-2): One more gear photo of mine, with a Pentax SMC A 50/2 lens (135 equivalent to a 280mm F2 lens with the Q):-


The Unbalanced Q - Part 1 (with an External Flash)

A More Realistic Approach to Tackle with the Finderless/Pentaxless Trend of Pentax!

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