Monday, August 08, 2011

Sensor Sizes Re-visited, including the Latest Rumoured Nikon and Fuji Mirrorlesses

The rumoured upcoming Fuji X10 is said to have/use a 2/3" sensor..

The latest illustration below found on the net has included all the current/existing ILDC system sensors for size comparison purpose, from the smallest 1/2.3" Pentax Q's up to the 135 FF:-


So, we have seen once again how small the Q sensor actually is! ..Even when it is compared to the 4/3, Just! (And not even mention the APS-C!) >:-[

Afterall, if the Nikon and Fuji rumours are true, both will just blow the Pentax so easily out of water for the IQ, just because their sensors are still much larger! :-o

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