Wednesday, September 30, 2009

K-x Availiability and Prices

According to the latest news article of the Japanese DC Watch, the target delivery date in Japan is October 16. The Single Lens Kit is suggested to be sold at about Japanese Yen 70,000 (which roughly equals to US$750) whilst the suggested price for the Double Lens Kit is at about JPY 90,000 (which roughly equals to US$970).

At the same time, Adorama also lists the K-x and it states that the expected delivery will be in mid-October. For more information about the selling prices of different K-x kits, you can read their K-x page here. Single lens kit is sold at $650 and with $100 more, we can get also the standard tele kit lens (50-200mm double lens kit). With another $100 more at $850, we can get the 50-300 kit lens instead of the standard 50-200 tele.

B&H is selling the K-x and kits at almost the same prices, as seen in the K-x search results at their site here. But then they only state that the K-x arrival will be in October, with no more specific time frame stated.

Now, it can be seen that the K-x is actually very aggressively priced. Every colour option is selling at the same price. And, Pentax/Hoya is selling 3 kits of the K-x and plus the standalone K-x body only, there will be four options. There will be no more "Special Edition" for a different colour (other than black) and everything is just standard offer and there will always be *choices*.

With the standard features of the K-x (which I think it is just a me-too product like the Canon 500D and the Nikon D5000), I can see that Pentax/Hoya is going to play a throat-cutting game on the body and the kits, but then they are trying to sell other Pentax lenses and accessories at higher or even highest prices to make profits, after attracting new customers. Let's see how Canon and Nikon react and see if they will lower the prices of their entry level DSLR models and kits very soon. And, let's see if Pentax/Hoya will succeed with their this new marketing strategy. (and see how long they can sustain in cutting throat!)

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