Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New K-x Samples, with Firmware 1.0

Just see this new K-x gallery with new full-sized samples just uploaded:-

A few of the high ISO samples (Warning: Large Files! Click the links below will begin Download!):-
(ISO 1600 - Asahiflex)
(ISO 1600 - Indoor Girl Portrait)
(ISO 1600 - Night Street Photo)
(ISO 800 - Flowers, Indoor?)

Well, what I would say whilst I am impressed with the noise control, I am totally not impressed with the image details retained nor the colour rendition of those samples. Maybe it was the lighting conditions and the (kit?) lens in use but the last official pretend-to-be-1.0 samples are yet much disappointing as far as image quality is concerned.

In contrast, I think the K-m still have better image quality (low noise, high image details and most importantly - better colours) than the K-x for what I have seen so far. To compare, here are some samples produced by my K-m and the kit lens. Just compare and I believe that you can judge easily!

Update (10-2): More samples taken in the same event are uploaded. See:-

And, the first photo shows the super toyish K-x units in different colours and textures (glossy or matted):-

(Click to see larger versions)

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