Wednesday, September 30, 2009

K-7 Reviews Update

A lot of the "reviewers" have reviewed the K-7 already, I think 1001 Noisy Cameras have kept track of all those online reviews very well and have been updating their review links and summary very quickly (up to the minute, I would say). Here is their summary:-

The latest K-7 review is published by the DC Resource, here is the Conclusion page:-

Do read the Cons, they talk about underexposure and soft images directly out of the camera. Well, aren't these two problems exactly what I found when I tested the K-7 back to the July and reported?

There is another new European review that have many of those full-sized K-7 sample photos posted. Various "luxury" Pentax contemporary digital lenses were used to produce the shots. But actually I am not impressed with the Image Quality of those samples once again, or I would say those are just terrible. Narrow Dynamic Range, exposure errors (with manual compensations already - may argue as user errors, though), soft images, obvious corner blurs (possibly owing to low optical performance), high noise at just ISO 800 and super grainy pictures (see the model portraits). Well, I have already stopped to inspect further! It's just too disappointing afterall!

As for other non-internet K-7 tests or just other not-so-typical K-7 tests and shootouts (against other APS-C upper class DSLR models), you may wish to dig into my this Blog for more!


Last but not least, I notice that Dpreview (DPR)'s K-7 test is yet once again delayed (for long already, actually almost everyone else has done that now). Is it possible that there might be some technical issues and/or quality issues that cause the delay, just like what we were told for the previous DPR review tests of many of the Pentax DSLR bodies and lenses before? Don't ask me about more details, go read the stories told by DPR (in their lens and body reviews) yourself if you want to know but haven't yet known about those! :-)

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