Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Canon Has Another Seven

Will this be a K-7 killer? It will come very soon!


Original source for the detailed 7D features:-
(Seems to be a press release article for announcement, text in Traditional Chinese)

Well, on paper, everything looks as if they are better to far/much better than the K-7, except for the weather sealing of the K-7, which the 7D still lacks.

Update: I think I have overlooked that the 7D should also be dust and water proof, so does its battery/vertical grip, as mentioned in the above unpublished press release article (but not very noticeable). So, on paper, the K-7 is beaten down in every way if compared against the 7D, as the 7D is just so advanced! And, byebye 50D, which are to be replaced and there is just no 60D.

In the field, the K-7 already fails much behind the Canon 50D and also the Nikon D300 as far as the camera speeds are concerned, for the AF time, continuous tracking and system time lag (See this previous interesting scientific head-to-head shootout). Besides, IQ wise, the K-7 still loses in most aspects (See another detailed test and the results here).

Update 2: The 7D is formally announced, and "previewed" as well:-



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