Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Samsung Hibernates the GX

See what is quoted from the Amateur Photographer via the 1001 Noisy Cameras:-


It seems that Samsung has been giving up their K-mount DSLR system and they will have only NX in the near future. However, the NX probably will not use the K-mount, as Pentax/Hoya had no involvement of any kind in the NX project as told before.

And, this story matches well with the previous news that Hoya needed to seek a (new) Alliance. It looks as if the relationship between Samsung and Pentax/Hoya has now nearly come to an end.

So, will the upcoming Pentax DSLRs still use the Samsung sensor (the one and only one 14.6MP CMOS and the new variant)? Recently, I have heard from a few different sources that a new Pentax DSLR will be announced soon by October (which should be the K200D replacement, as also previously told by the Hoya senior official in the above interview). Let's wait and see if the Samsung/Pentax "co-operation" and "partnership" will continue, or not.

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