Monday, September 28, 2009

Photos, Some Nice Photos! :-o :-)

Whilst I like post links to sample photos of Pentax gear (for the sake of measurebations, mainly) and sometimes post some of mine (but not so often), I think it's time for me to post links of some nice photos or picture galleries that I come across on the Net from now on. It's always nice to share, I think!

I've found that the photos at the Flickr Blogs are really great! Each blog post has its theme, with some pictures and some footnotes sometimes. Flickr Blogs are in different languages and posts are made by photographers/posters at different countries or places or just in different languages, to name a few:- (English) (Hong Kong) (Germany) (France)

I really like the posted photos and those are all great and with high standards and quality. I link a few thumbnails below to make my this blog entry more lively and colourful. Just go explore and enjoy yourself!

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