Monday, September 21, 2009

RiceHigh's Pentax Blog - 1,000,000 Page-Views

Today, my Blog has reached the One Million page-views milestone line and I think this is just an important event for me and my readers and the Internet Pentax user community as well.

In fact, in term of traffic volume on Pentax related stuff in the Internet, the traffic volume of my this Blog has already reached almost 1/4th of that of the Dpreview (DPR), as compared to the figures shown in their published stats page (see the stats about "Pentax" only - which is a minority anyway). So, I am now catching up with them (and the gap is being narrowed)! =V=

And in term of the site "popularity", mine is still the highest Alexa ranked unofficial Pentax dedicated site, amongst all the Pentax sites of different types, themes and natures (exclude forums but include all other information-sharing websites like the excellent K-mount knowledge base by Bojidar Dimitrov and those semi-official blogs like Ned's or Yvon's etc. (which I think Yvon's site is actually a commercial one as his books and related products are promoted and there are Ads whereas Ned's one is both semi-personal and semi-official)).

From viewing different site statistics with my Internet tools, I can see that there is a large population of "silent" readers at my site, in addition to some other frequent active users here (inclusive of a group of individual offensive brand fanboys). For those users who regular read and even have given your encouragement to me over these years, I would like to thank you again with this chance and I promise I shall continue/strive to do my best to research, report and express my honest opinions in the future (and continue to ignore those repeated attacks from those offensive fanboys although I will let them speak).

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