Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pentax Mulls Micro Four Thirds-style Cameras and System

See what the Amateur Photographer reports lately:-

So, will Hoya/Pentax joins the (micro) Four Thirds consortium (now the active members left alone are only Olympus and Panasonic (and maybe also "Leica" anyway, for some of those a few 4-3/m4-3 "Leica" lenses)? Or, Pentax just do it from scratch for a new system of their own? If I were Pentax, I should try every effort to join the m43 consortium and Pana and Oly would be the best alliance for them, not Samsung. For Pentax, they are simply not so competent to develop and do this new project on their own, no matter for the R&D or financial capabilities. And, the risk level is very high as the marketing response and results are rather uncertain, especially for Pentax the brand.

In fact, Oly had done the totally right thing to find Pana as their alliance years ago as Pana has all the top-end technologies plus manufacturing capabilities in designing and making sensors as well as image/video processors, which are all now what Pentax lacks and Hoya needs to source.

Hey, Pentax, just let Samsung's NX system fails on their own after it launches (well, it was that they betrayed you, not you!). And, join the consortium of micro 4-3, if you just want to make those compact mirrorless interchangeable cameras and system and enter the new market segment!

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