Sunday, September 20, 2009

DSLRs that Can be Sold at the Toy "R" Us

First, look at the real photo of the colour K-x boides:-

These bodies really look so plasticky, they feel like real toy!

And then, Pentax even found some artists to hand-paint the K-x, here is the Korejanai-Robo version of the K-x! Look!

So, the K-x has become a cartoon character now and it does taste like the robot. Really nice!

After all, I must make congrats to Pentax (actually Hoya) for entering a completely new market segment (for any camera makers) with their latest super brilliant marketing strategy with their unique wisdom which is the "1st in the world", this time! That is, to sell DSLRs just like toys and now their new K-x can be put onto the goods shelves of toy shops like the Toy "R" Us and now the target customer base has tremendously been increased - now the potential customers include small children and their parents - the customer base is even now much bigger than that of Canon and Nikon! A super big success this time!! I predict Pentax/Hoya will be the market leader of (Toy!) DSLRs very soon!

Source: Latest Article by DC Watch of the Japanese Impress

Update (10-16):

The Korejanai-Robo K-x starts to accept pre-orders at Japan from November 2 and it will be delivered by late November. The quota is 100 units and a free gift will be given:-

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