Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Wave of Sony Alpha DSLRs Coming! Pentax?

Photo Rumors confirms about the key specs of the four upcoming Sony DSLRs, namely, A55, A33, A560 and A580, which will probably be announced very soon (by August 24 or 28, according to some other rumours).

Yet, here is yet a latest rumour post (in Traditional Chinese) about the detailed specs, actual performance and selling price of the A55, of which the tone used seems to be quite firm. If what are told are really true, I think the A55 is really a very interesting D"SLR":-

Sony Alpha A55:
- 1670MP APS-C CMOS sensor, ISO 100-25600
- 15-point AF-system, 5 with crossed sensors
- Strong Nikon alike "3D Tracking" continuous AF
- Fixed Pellicle Type Mirror with Electronic Viewfinder (not Optical!) That's a new method of Live View anyway!
- Very high-resolution EVF
- 10 FPS continuous shooting rate
- Support AF during video recording
- Very low image noise (The author said that the noise level of ISO 6400 of A55 is close to that of ISO 400 of the A900!! Really?)
- Improved AF speed and performance with SSM
- Used same type of Lithium rechargeable battery as the NEXes
- Selling price about US$900-1000

Well, by the way, whilst Sony seems to try very hard to come back, where is Pentax? When will they respond?? What will they offer after all???

Update (8-19): Product Photos of the A55 and A33 are leaked (by the same poster)!
(in Traditional Chinese)

The rotating monitor is really interesting, but yet it doesn't look bulky! Nice~ The A55/33 is not large in size btw, which is also very nice. Just see this latest comparison via another post at the DCHome:-

However, do note that the A55/33 is actually a new type of EVIL, but not true optical DSLR btw.

Update (8-23): Thanks to Din for providing the new comment below, we've got this interesting comparison:-

Oh, the A33/55 is really smaaalll! Nice~ Good Job, Sony!!

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