Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stop Camera Abuses!!

I am very disappointed with DigitalRev this time for their latest "test" which actually is a cameras abuse video but nothing else!

Kai has been rather silly and stupid throughout the whole course. IMO the only close-to-real-life "test" is the drop test at the football court, whilst all others are totally meaningless! >:-(

Last time, I was annoyed for someone abused the W90, this time the D70 and the 400D were cruelly abused before they were finally destroyed!

I have to say again if some gear are of no value (no matter in practical or money terms), just give it to others who find them useful and don't waste the resources of the Earth!

Every piece of photographic gear is actually the painstaking efforts of those camera engineers and many people and I do feel hurt once again for those stupid and actually metamorphosic people who imposed the abuses and then even share these online! >>:-(

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