Monday, August 09, 2010

My NEX Sample Photos Gallery (36 Original Images Available)

Here are 36 samples (exactly one roll of "longer" 135 film :-)), at the following gallery:-

Click on any of the thumbnails in the above gallery will open a large default view of each picture, in 4,000 pixels in width, with all EXIF data preserved.

If you want to measurbate further and in full depth, you can still download the original pictures under the "download"->"high res image" menu item per picture page, where you can get the original, full-size and un-retouched images. Do note that all images were produced directly out of the camera at full resolution in finest Jpeg.

Whilst a full review of my NEX would follow, you can first judge on the image quality (noise, resolution/image details, etc.), lens quality (sharpness/resolution/contrast/bokeh etc.), colour response and accuracy, skin tone rendition, white balance reliability, moire and level of anti-aliasing, focusing accuracy, metering/exposure accuracy, dynamic range, flash usability and so on..

All in all, I found that my NEX is actually a very good camera, it has high image quality and favourable/accurate colour response (after proper setting of the colour/brightness profile: I use "Landscape" with Contrast and Sharpness both at -1 (Saturation yet kept at Zero)) and in general high accuracy and acceptable system performance that I require. I have never been able to be so relaxed with such minimal burden for travelling but yet with maximum portability and such higher level of image quality and usability at low light that I can get since I went digital (DSLR). Really Nice~

Last but not least, just mind that all photos of mine are copyright and all rights are reserved.

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