Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow! Canon Really Announnces the 60D and Six New Lenses!

The previous Canon rumours and embargo date are true. Canon strikes back this time!

See the latest news and Canon's announcements at the Dpreview here (frontpage) or here (canon news only).

So, there is the 60D and a bundle of new lenses/lens updates. But, do you notice that they are all Full Frame EF lenses, but no more new EF-S lens? (Even though the 60D is a cropped DSLR..) Ditto for the 3 new Sony prime lenses and the 3 Nikkor lenses announced (there is only 1 new DX Nikkor amongst all!).

Nevertheless, the Pentax K-5 and K-R should be coming later and let's see if Hoya would choose to announce them earlier, just like what all the big boys have done. But anyway, where are the new Pentax lenses? IF Any!

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