Friday, August 06, 2010

Catch-up on the New Pentax Rumours

Have gone to Langkawi for a short vacation with my NEX for a few days, I stayed in the Sheraton Hotel and Resort, where there is no internet access at rooms in village.

When I've come back home and got online again today, I've discovered that there have been something sound great and look somehow real. Well, new Pentax cameras are coming, including two new DSLR bodies and a new ILDC/EVIL body and system!

So, here is my summary, for a catch-up of the "news" and rumours indeed:-

Original Dpreview thread, i.e., the Source:

Report at 1001 Noisy Cameras:


Photo Rumors:

Mirrorless Rumors (the Citi Corp Report mentions about Pentax "mirrorless"):
via Excerpt at Photo Rumors:

A said to be the K-5 body image:
via the Chinese Xitek Forum:
(in Simplified Chinese. But, what do you see and what can you see actually? :-o Just don't blame me if you see nothing! ;->)

Photokina is coming, but it is always welcome to learn more before the official announcement(s), and as soon as possible! Of course, I hope all those are true, especially a fully functional K-mount adaptor for the new ILDC/EVIL should be made available! :-D

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