Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sony New Alphas and Prime Lenses Announced (and also News about a Canon Super Sensor)

The new Sony stuff have just been announced today, which IMO are just more exciting than the Nikon new offers which have just been announced. As usual, 1001 Noisy Cameras have made a very comprehensive nice summary at the first time for the new offerings and full reviews, in which there are many test and sample pictures.

This official video Ad by Sony UK is also nice, just have a look!


Well, as before for times, I once again have successfully spotted the correct "rumour" post for the A55 and A33 design and specs for almost one week. So, it's bingo again! =V= I shall continue to strive to keep that high hit rate, I promise! :-)

One thing I like about the A55/33 is its diminishing size and lightweight. It is not heavier than a typical (ex-?)4/3 SLR body of Oly after all, but far more feature-rich than those.

Besides, the next newer post at the 1001 Noisy Cameras reveals that Canon is to make a 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor! Yes, it is 120, not a typo!! :-o Well, are they crazy? So, my last suggested question would just happen in reality, that is: Is MF Really Needed for Higher Pixel Count? Umm.., it seems that the 645D (or its successors) would be in trouble! But on the other hand, I just wonder what Canon lens(es) is to be used to match (or just come close to!) the resolution of this super high-density sensor? Newly designed ones?

Update: Here is a YouTube video showing the translucent mirror of the A55/33 and the shutter action (and sound). Enjoy!

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