Friday, August 20, 2010

Mr. Pentaxian Has Decided to "Move On". Who Will be the Next?

Further to the acquisition of the D700 and new Nikkors, Lance B, the once (and one and only one) official "Pentaxian of the Year" has decided to "move on" just a few hours ago so that he can continue his LBA and expand his Nikkor lineup and Nikon system further and better:-

Somehow, I feel for Lance. When LBA cannot be cured within the Pentaxland as there is no more new offer nor breakthrough of any (no matter it is about lenses or bodies), what can one Pentaxian do?

Now, at least, Lance can continue to take new medicine from Nikon to cure his LBA (which actually can never be completely cured, I believe!). And in fact, Nikon has opened up a new world for him to expand his system/lineup and graduate to another level as a gear collector/hobbyist! (which is Nothing related to the (skill) level of a photographer, though! ;-))

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