Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reports on the DA 17-70 SDM Issue and Failure Continue..

This is one of the few "SDM Only" lenses with a "KAF3" lens mount, but its reliability is still in question for a long time since marketed, for a long time already. Here is yet a latest user report on the AF (SDM) failure of the lens:-

In fact, there have been quite a number of previous failure reports, by different users/owners of the lens, for example:-

One of the above users has actually switched, he sold all his Pentax stuff except the 3 FA Limited, including his new K-7 body which has just been purchased in April, just owing to the SDM failure case of his DA 17-70, which was his standard zoom that he purchased together with his K-7.

The above story once reminds us that the never-cured SDM issue and the negative attitude of Pentax/Hoya (actually lack of remedial action and response of any!) actually hurt Pentax (and of course the victim users, needless to say). People will not wait for a solution from Pentax anymore, what they do to resolve the problem by themselves is to switch! :-( (And they voted with their feet!)

Once again, as a timely reminder, I still encourage you to participate in the following SDM petition, although I bet it will be useless and never receive any attention/response from Pentax Imaging/Pentax/Hoya at the end of the days! >:-{

The SDM Petition Online

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