Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nikon D3100 and 4 New Nikkors are There! Pentax?

Just read the official announcements at the DPR:-

The Nikon D3100 and 4 new Nikkor lenses are announced. The new Nikkors are all Full Frame lenses.

The D3100 is using the "new" Sony 14M CMOS sensor, which should be the same one used in the NEXes (which is not bad in performance and IQ from my own experience with my NEX).

So, whilst a folk has just reminded me that Pentax just hasn't shown their cards whilst others do, may I just ask: Pentax, it's your take NOW! Show us your cards in hands!! Don't let us Pentaxians just see that you only have a Tile 3 but nothing else in the end!!!

Nevertheless, the development of new lenses in Pentaxland has been rather pathetic in recent years. How many new Pentax lenses have been introduced since the DA lens roadmap and introduction of new DA lenses had been ceased since early 2009, I have to ask? One? One Only if those Kit Zooms are not counted?? Are you kidding, Hoya?? And, how many old Pentax lenses have been discontinued during the period? Ten and more? (at least for some countries and places..)

Last News:-

New Wave of Sony Alpha DSLRs Coming! Pentax?

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