Monday, August 23, 2010

Re-published: My Original DSLR Exposure Measurbation Page and Tests

Since I cut my Yahoo Web Hosting service (which sucked!) and my old pages were removed, I have managed to re-publish them one by one (at the, which I think is so far so good for its service provided and its reliability and is truly Free)..

I think this would be my last old page for re-publication, which is also my first publicly published homepage with the very first serious articles of mine, mainly on the metering/exposure accuracy and measurbations on DSLRs (Pentax *ist D and DS mostly), here it is!

And, I think the following article and page should also be read, which provides some basic concepts on exposure accurate and compensation for novices, by doing a simple experiment followed by some technical analyses:-

Enjoy! I do hope that these are still useful nowadays although the DSLR models I tested are just so old and too outdated by now. :-)

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