Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sales / Brand Market Share of System Cameras Worldwide in FYs 2007 to 2010

Read the following, which the table and its remarks underneath plus the opening post are all clearly self-explanatory. The source of information is cited to be from JP Morgan:-


For easy reading and reference, the table picture is directly linked:-

Well, Pentax's share is actually declining for the worldwide total sales, from 5.2%, in 2007 down to 2.9% lately in 2010 (there is a slight rise of 0.4% from 2009, though), with the fact that Olympus is doing better and that Panasonic is coming ahead.

I believe that the above data and results will end any further arguments about the market share of Pentax worldwide and that there is no need to argue again that "Japan is Not equal to the Whole World"! In fact, Pentax is just doing better at Japan than they could at the rest of the World!

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