Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kokak Announced New CCD FF and APS-H Sensors, Seeking Patents

See what the Image Sensors World reports lately:-


So, there is new choice for a 135 FF sensor. As usual, although almost completely desperate, I hope with one more choice, a new Pentax FF DSLR is still imagined! >:-(

Besides, but quite possibly, these large size CCD imagers usually do not support contemporary video recording modes. But anyway, if it delivers the format and (or even better?) image quality of a FF sensor, why not? I shall surely be willing to sacrifice the video mode for solely still photos, especially if the FF dream in Pentaxland could really come some days later, no matter how late it would be! :-o By that time, if it really happens, all the superb and excellent old Pentax 135 K-mount lenses will be liberated and Pentax will revive!!

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