Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Has K-r Really Been Discontinued?

Further to my report about the possible K-r discontinuation early this month, it has been noted that B&H now lists K-r is discontinued, via Photo Rumors:-

So, this "rumour" has once been verified. However, it is still a rumour until Pentax/Ricoh will officially announce this. But, the big question still is: what will be the K-r replacement? When?

Do note that it was also hear-said that there would be no more new Pentax DSLR this year in 2011. So? (What a Marketing GAP it will be! >:-( And, I just wonder, what Ricoh has been doing?? :-o)

Update (11-24): Btw, will this be the next K-r replacement? ;-p


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