Saturday, November 12, 2011

(Sony NEX) E30/3.5 Macro Vs (Pentax) FA28/2.8 AL Lens Measurbation and Shootout (Wide Opened to f/16)

The following test shots were made at very close time, in Av mode, from wide opened to f/16 in one f-stop stepping, on tripod with 2-second self-timer, no OIS of course as both lenses have none!, Creative (Picture) Style set to be Landscape (Contrast -1, Saturation 0 and Sharpness 0). So, here we go! (Click to download Large Image in New Tab/Window to measurbate! All EXIF preserved.)

E30/3.5 Macro
FA28/2.8 AL

Okay, I still would like to give some brief observations of mine:-

1. The FA lens has a warmer tone and the Sony is cooler and looks more "digital";

2. The overall image sharpness of the FA28 is better at f/4 and f/5.6, this is especially obvious for the corner sharpness. The E30 is not bad neither, but it is just that not as good, IMHO!

3. At f/8 and f/11, it seems that yet the E30 has some little edge in having more resolution in the image centre;

4. Starting from f/11, image sharpness has actually decreased across the frame, regardless of which lens is used. At f/16, the resolution is further decreased. Yes, diffraction is the culprit, as the Law of Physics must always be obeyed! :-o

5. Okay, I'd better to stop my comments at this point. Any other observations from your side are welcome! Your take is encouraged! ;->

Well, if you just don't like measurbation shots but would like to see some real-world samples of mine (by no means good photos of course!), here is my last report:-

NEX E30/3.5 Macro Quick Samples

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