Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kodak has Sold its Image Sensor Business


But the new acquirer, I am afraid, might be just transitional. It is because it is just a financial firm, but not a technical firm in the field and industry:-

"Platinum Equity focuses on acquiring businesses that can benefit from the firm’s extensive in-house capability and expertise in transition, integration and operations."

So, eventually, which owner would the PE company eventually sells the Kodak ISS to? Time will tell.. In the meantime, it seems that Pentax would still be able to get the 645D sensor from the PE, after its takeover.

This Kodak ISS sales makes me feel very fortunately that Pentax has been finally sold to Ricoh, whom is at least a technical firm and that they are quite keen in making cameras. I think a pure financial firm won't run a technical firm well in long run, non they would have the real interest in doing so.

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