Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pentax Sponsors French Football Team

For the Year 11/12:-

(in Japanese, Excite-translated English Page Here)

Whilst it is a good news to see Ricoh now does more things to promote Pentax (because they had the money!), it is yet surprised to find out that this news has neither been published at Pentax France website nor even the English page of the Pentax Japanese site! Never mind, I do the job for them, now it is widely publicised globally, I'm almost sure! ;-D

Now, IF I live in France, I can use my Pentax gear to take shots of the football matches and that must be great! And people might think that I am the sponsored photographer by Pentax, too, as I bet Pentax gear never appeared in sport events, almost! :-D

(Photo was taken with my NEX-3 + E30/3.5 Macro combo - I am the ONLY person who held a Pentax camera in the stadium btw, for what I could see! :-o)

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