Wednesday, November 02, 2011

P-Q Japanese BCN Sales Plots August to October (plus Q + "03" Fisheye Review/Samples)

By the "Unofficial Pentax Q Fans Site":-

The sales trends from August 29th to October 31st are plotted. The Y-axis is the BCN ranking (i.e., the lower the better) whilst the X-axis is the date. As for the legends, from left to right are: White coloured body Single-lens kit, Black Single-lens kit, White Dual-lens kit and Black Dual-lens kit.

Speaking of the Q, here is yet another latest Japanese review with various sample pictures made with the 03 Fisheye lens, full samples are provided for the last review link in the series:-
(with Full samples)

If you hoped for IQ with the Q, take a look yourself and see if you could accept the IQ, no matter for the body and/or for the lens.

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