Tuesday, November 08, 2011

K-r to be Discontinued Very Soon?

See this Japanese user's report:-


(in Japanese, English here (machine-translated))

It is reported that the user/OP called the local Pentax Japan customer service hotline, it was informed that all the standard colour K-r and kits (black, white and pink colours) have been discontinued but only custom colour orders are accepted for both the body and lens(es). He was further annoyed with the vague reply and statement that those custom orders could "still be accepted" in the meantime, which in his opinion is rather unclear and confusing!

It seems that there are something in chaos within Pentax/Ricoh (internally) for the time being, as it is very clear that K-r replacement is by no means come near nor there is any rumour/news for that (but only for the K-5, sort of). So, without any new K-r replacement, how could and should Pentax Japan told their customers that the K-r and kits are no long available? And, the strangest thing is even that unavailability only applies to standard (coloured) items, but not non-standard ones!? >:-o

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